Friday, August 17, 2007

Windows Vista DVD Maker

Just burnt a video DVD with Vista DVD Maker. I should say it's simply great. It has the best Menu templates I've ever seen with 3D rotations and dynamic video thumbnails. Also, if the codecs are installed you can convert any video file into the DVD.

Only catch is that there is no way of adding subtitles to the movie.


Anonymous said...

Ok, the menus are great. Still lack lot of features needed. This thing still takes time to convert file to DVD format.

Anonymous said...

And you still need nero to burn a image

Rumesh.Thiwanka said...

I think you should again use Ubuntu Linux instead your Windows V I S T A

බ්ලොග්කාරයා said...

well, with divx players invading the market, I don't think converting divx movies to dvds is needed. Hell, why lose quality and space when u can save'em both?