Sunday, July 6, 2008

Getting GPRS/EDGE on the iPhone with Mobitel

If you are using an iPhone (2G version) with a Mobitel connection, this is how to add GPRS/EDGE settings to the phone.

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Network -> Edge
  • For the APN, type mobitel3g (don't mind the '3g' part. This is the network name they are using)

That's all. No user name or password is needed. Now try going to safari and opening a web page.

GPRS/EDGE signal indicator
On the status bar, if you see a rectangle to the right of signal bars, that means you have GPRS. If there's an 'E' on it, that means you have EDGE signal.


2 comments: said...

I want to know whether fring is working properly with Mobitel EDGE

Unknown said...

Sorry for the late reply (but I haven't been moderating the blog for months).

Of course. I have tried several chat programs including Fring and they work over GPRS/EDGE. It's a bit slow to transfer messages but it does work.