Thursday, April 30, 2009


5.6 GB of Hard disk space required.

This has the most advanced graphics and effects among current fleet of gaming titles. World is full of natural beauties and interactivity. Intense combat takes place in tropical forests and various other landscapes. Game music and sound effects gives the true feeling of intense fighting. Crysis:WARHEAD is the sequel to the original game Crysis. The game storyline is pretty cheap though compared to Assasin's Creed. The character wears the Nano Suit which has a significant role in the story.

I was restricted to 1024 X 768 resolution, 2X antialiasing and No Motion Blur with this game. All the other effects could be set to highest detail. Even then the graphics looks astonishing. My system sepcs are here.

Game Music
I loved the in-game music of Crysis:WARHEAD. If you like them, you can find them inside the game installation folder. Go to the "Game" directory inside the installation folder and open the file "Warhead_Music.pak" with WinRAR and extract it. All the audio files of the game are in the archive in ogg format. You can find the long music files by looking at the file size.

It's facinating to see volumetric light effects within the game.

World is full of beautiful sceneries like this.

Sea water is just like the real thing.

Lot of objects in the world are interactive. Trees literally break apart where you shoot them.

You also get to drive military vehicles.

Make your way through dense tropical forests.

Your enemies are these aliens and the Korean military.

Here's a video of the game by Thusitha:

The game may be little bit short compared to other games. But it keeps you going right until the end with the music and heavy fighting.


Thusitha Hettige said...

lol i jus got remembered throughout the whole game i never used the power of invisibility. :P

Unknown said...

really funny!! I guess you weren't that much afraid of the enemies!

I loved hearing "Cloak Engaged"

Thusitha Hettige said...

It's too much(too wide) for the page I think. Because it's on HD widescreen.

GayanNR said...

Thusi! Be honest! What is the difficulty level you played the game ? :P

Unknown said...

I don't know abt thusi but I'll be honest. I used cheats after the 2nd level coz I felt sooo in love with the environment so I needed to go sight seeing and exploring.

I liked stealth kills and provoking the enemy as minimum as possible.