Friday, May 1, 2009

Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box

3.2 GB of Hard disk space required.

This is one of the best racing games I've ever played. The game has no story though so it gets boring after a few days of playing. The main reason I loved this game was its graphics and gameplay experience. Designers have built realistic collisions, car damage and Matrix style slow-motion camera movement into the game. Its basically like watching a simulation when vehicles collide.
The game takes place in a large city called "Paradise City". There is no police so you are free to roam around and do all the crazy stuff you can do with your car. Performing stunts plays a big role in the game. There are no menus to access races. Every junction in the city is a starting point for a race. One of the hardest parts is finding your way to the finishing line. There's no GPS or any guidance so you have to rely on the map which shows the dense road network of the city.
The cars that exist in the game do not exist in the real world. Game uses an imaginary set of car models with imaginary manufacturers. Nevertheless their car designs are truly superb.

I played this game with highest graphics detail and highest resolution and graphics are very much realistic. My system specs are here.

The game world is heavily detailed and you get to drive through cities, mountains and so many other different terrines. Game features realistic lighting where you can see shadows change when the sun moves throughout the day.

Realistic collisions are shown with dramatic slowmotion camera angles.

Literally every part of the car is breakable. You can actually see tires break and fly away when you hit it hard.

This is what you get if you speed too much!

A moment captured in the middle of a jump.

Variety of vehicles are available. This includes 4x4 trucks, old classics, F1 cars and bikes.

Video uploaded by Thusitha :

The game gets bit repetitive since you get to play the same races again and again (with different cars) to get past levels. But you sure can enjoy freely roaming around the big city and performing stunts to your liking.


Thusitha Hettige said...

Most realistic collisions ever. If we could put this into NFS, it could be the most realistic n enjoyable car racing game ever built. Well, since both are EA Games I'm hoping to see those in next version of NFS.

Unknown said...

I totally agree. Last few versions of NFS felt a little bit... artificial. If they could combine the best of the two, it could be a major hit.

GayanNR said...

It became boring after few days of play. as i feel I completed it upto not more than 40%