Sunday, May 17, 2009

NFS Undercover

6.5 GB of Hard disk space required.

This is certainly not the crown jewel of the Need for Speed series. But it sure has some unique features (good and bad). The game features a story just like the last few versions. The game has a big open world, police, lot of cars and few unique event types. Time of day is set to the so called Magic hour where you experience a unique yellowish lighting condition.

Among few others, my favorite event was where thugs are chasing our girlfriend to smash her car. We are chasing those thugs to smash their cars and the city police are chasing all of us to take into custody. Cops seems somewhat easier to beat than in previous versions. Overall the game appears very artificial. Driving is not natural at all. Driving physics of NFS Undercover takes out the fun we had in previous versions.

I played this game with highest graphics detail and highest resolution. Graphics appear bit artificial. Shadows had to be turned off because they totally sucked! My system specs are here.

Here are some screenshots:

The famous Smoke engine from Pro-Street made it to Undercover.

The biggest problem in the game graphics was crappy Shadows. They suck big time so I turned them off as most users have done. Even in highest quality shadow edges are ridiculous and unnatural.

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