Sunday, January 20, 2008

Change Vista start menu power button action

By default vista start menu power button is set to "Sleep" mode (Indicated by Orange). That means when you click it, the computer does not shut down. It goes into sleep. This is pathetic and is cursed by most users. You can set the button to power off mode so when you click it, the computer actually shuts down.

1. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options.

2. You will see 3 power plans. Balanced, Power Saver and High Pwerformance. One of them should be selected.

3. Click 'Change plan settings' under the selected choice.

4. Click 'Change advanced power settings'.

5. Expand the category 'Power buttons and lid' and expand 'Start menu power button' section.

6. Change action to 'Shut down'. If you are using a laptop, select 'Shut down' for both 'On battery' and 'Plugged in' states.

7. Click OK.

That's it. Now the start menu power button should appear in Red. When you click it, the computer will shut down.

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Anonymous said...

very helpful, thanks!